{Outfit}: Cocktail dress for a Graduation party

Tuesday February 11, 2014

Hi guys!! Here are some photos of an elegant cocktail dress I wore to a graduation party in a Spanish restaurant called Orígenes. It isn't every day that I'm invited to an event where I can wear one of my many (too many!) cocktail dresses, so I was a happy camper tonight.

-- En Español -- Hola chicos!! Aquí les muestro este vestido de cóctel elegante que me puse para una fiesta de graduación en un restaurante español llamado Orígenes. No son todos los días que me invitan a un evento donde puedo usar uno de mi varios (demasiados en verdad!) vestidos de cóctel, así que estaba muy felíz de usar uno esta noche :)

{Calvin Klein Dress/Vestido: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Charlotte Russe (USA)  ;  Earrings/Aretes: Forever21.com}

The appetisers at the Orígenes restaurant were superb by the way! I can't wait to try this restaurant out for dinner sometime. Have any of you (my Panamanian readers) been there? Would you recommend it?

Por cierto, los aperitivos en el restaurante Orígenes estaban deliciosas!! Estoy ansiosa por probar este restaurante para cenar alguno de estos días. Alguno de ustedes (mis lectores panameños) han comido allí? Lo recomendarían?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, que tengan buen día!


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  1. Pretty girl, pretty dress! And i think that this dress from shesprom maybe also suits for you.

  2. wow I can't stop staring at your shoes, they're fabulous!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  3. your shoes are beautiful! love your outfit darling!


  4. I love dressing up too ! AS soon as i get an invite, i start thinking on what i will wear…. and i love that dress.

  5. Very beautiful dress and perfect for graduation! Lovely shoes too!

  6. Thank you very much Mica!!! It was indeed lots of fun!

  7. Thank you Ester!!! I loved these shoes so much, I got them in black as well... hahahahahaha ;)

  8. Hahahah I do exactly the same thing Lorena!! I instantly think "oh yes! Now I can wear that dress!!" hahahaha.

  9. That is such a pretty dress, and I love your studded heels! :) Hope you had a fun time at the party! :)

    Away From Blue


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