{Trending}: 5 ways to wear the leather trend

Tips on how to wear leather

I have always liked how (faux) leather looked on others, but it wasn't until last year that I started wearing it myself! Leather is definitely one of the biggest trends this Fall 2013, so I thought it would be fun to show all of you 5 ways in which you can wear leather:

En Español - Siempre me ha encantado cómo se ve piezas en cuero (artificial) en los demás, pero no fue hasta el año pasado que empecé a usarlo yo también! Piezas en cuero sin duda son una de las mayores tendencias de este otoño 2013, así que pensé que sería divertido mostrarles a todos ustedes 5 formas distintas en que pueden vestirse de cuero este otoño 2013:

Leather Fashion Trend

1. The Classic Motorcycle Jacket:
The most iconic leather piece in any woman's closet is a classic motorcycle jacket. Black is always a good option, but this Fall we are seeing jackets in other colors as well like brown and burgundy. Try dressing it up by pairing a motorcycle jacket with your favorite printed dress; or for a more casual take, try pairing a motorcycle jacket with your classic t-shirt and jeans combo.

1. La clásica "Motorcycle Jacket":
La pieza de cuero más icónico en el armario de cualquier mujer es una clásica chaqueta de motocicleta. El negro es siempre una buena opción, pero este otoño estamos viendo chaquetas en otros colores, así como el marrón y rojo vino. Puedes hacer un "look" elegante combinando tu chaqueta de cuero con tu vestido favorito, o para un "look" más informal puedes combinar tu chaqueta de cuero con unos jeans y un t-shirt blanco. 

Motorcycle JacketMotorcycle Jacket Motorcycle JacketMotorcycle Jacket Motorcycle JacketMotorcycle Jacket

2. A girly leather skirt:
If your style is more feminine and cute (like mine!), a great way to try out this trend is by wearing a girly leather skirt! I love how the shape of this skirt says "I'm a girly girl!" but the leather fabric says "fierce"! Plus leather skirts or soooo versatile, they basically go with just about anything.

2. Una falda de cuero femenino:
Si tu estilo es más femenino y "cute" (como el mío!), una buena opción es usar una falda de cuero con un corte femenino! Me encanta cómo el corte y la forma de esta falda dice "soy una chica femenina!" pero el material en cuero dice "soy feroz y chic!". Además, las faldas de cuero son taaaaan versátil que prácticamente puedes combinarlo con cualquiera cosa y se ve excelente.

Leather Skirt OutfitLeather Skirt Outfit Leather Skirt OutfitLeather Skirt Outfit

  3. Sexy leather leggings:
For a more femme fatale take on this trend, why not try out a pair of leather leggings?! I love how sexy and yet wearable leather leggings can be. Try dressing them down with a loose tee and some sneaker wedges, or dress it up with heels and a chic top!

3. Sexy leggings de cuero:
Para un look más "femme fatale", porqué no probar un par de leggings de cuero? Me encanta como los leggings de cuero son super sexy pero a la vez pueden ser muy versátiles. Puedes usarlos de forma casual emparejándolos con un camisa holgada y unos sneaker wedges; o puedes usarlos de forma más elegante combinándolos con unos tacones y una blusa!

Leather Leggings OutfitLeather Leggings Outfit Leather Leggings Outfit Leather Leggings Outfit

4. Classy leather Shorts:
I've never been one to wear shorts, but this year I've decided to give them a try and I've been obsessed every since! The secret to looking classy in a pair of leather shorts is to have the right fit. You want to choose shorts that are a little big on you (not skin tight!) and that are a little longer. The idea is to look classy, not trashy!

4. Shorts de cuero con clase:
Yo nunca he sido muy fan de los shorts cortos, pero este año decidí darles una oportunidad y desde entonces he estado obsesionada con los shorts! El secreto para verse elegante en unos shorts de cuero es que sean de la forma y corte correcto. Quieres escoger unos shorts de cuero que te queden un poco grandes (nunca mega-apretaditos!) y que sean un poco más largos. La idea es verte elegante y con clase.

Leather Shorts Outfit Leather Shorts Outfit

  5. Timeless leather accessories:
If you are kind of scared of wearing leather but still want to try the trend, why don't you wear some leather accessories? I'm especially enjoying leather purses this season. A black leather purse always looks fantastic, but why not try other colors as well like red, turquoise, purple, or even orange?!

5. Accesorios de cuero siempre están a la moda:
Si te da un poco de miedo vestirte de cuero pero todavía quieres probar esta tendencia, porqué no mejor pruebas con unos accessorios de cuero? A mí en particular me encantan las carteras de cuero que se estan viendo mucho esta temporada. Una cartera de cuero negro siempre se ve fantástico, pero porqué no pruebas también otros colores como rojo, turquesa, morado, o incluso naranja?!

Leather Purses OutfitsLeather Purses Outfits Leather Purses OutfitsLeather Purses Outfits Leather Purses OutfitsLeather Purses Outfits

So there you have it! I hope you have all enjoyed these tips in how to stay on trend this Fall :) How would you wear the leather trend? I would love to hear your ideas, please share!

Y con eso finalizamos! Espero que todos ustedes hayan disfrutado de estos "tips" para mantenerse a la moda este otoño :) ¿Cómo te pondrías tú esta tendencia de cuero? Me encantaría escuchar tus ideas, no dudes en compartirlas!

Leather Fashion Trend

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  1. LOVE leather. I have jackets, leggings, a skirt, and some bags. MAYBE I need shorts, Marie!

    xo Ashley


  2. The picture with the red car is amazing, love that outfit! I have a neutral leather jacket that I wear with pretty much everything. But I'm on the look out for a leather pencil skirt to pair with button down shirts. xx


  3. you probably know this already...but I LOVE your style- so hot!


  4. You look great in all of the leather pieces! I've personally been on the hunt for a good leather skirt, and have been on the fence about leather leggings - I don't think it'll be a success on me, but so many fashion bloggers have looked amazing in them! :)
    Perpetually Caroline

  5. I have been on the hunt for a great skater skirt in leather but all the ones that I have seen are way too short for my comfort. I am a huge fan of leather trim items this fall.


  6. Leather bags and clutches are always a good investment! leather jackets too! :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. I have to confess my favourite ways are either a leather jacket or a leather skirt... it seems to make any outfit look better! haha
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  8. Oh wow, you've got such a great collection of leather things, Marie! I especially adore that skirt of yours, aaaaah! It's so nice. I haven't really tried anything leather except for purses and shoes, buwahaha. :) Maybe one day I'll get brave enough like you! <3

  9. I recently purchased a pleather skirt which I am sooo looking forward to wearing.

  10. These are all great ideas for styling leather! I'm definitely adding leather pants to my wish list!

  11. I'm so glad you liked these ideas!!! I remember when I first tried on these leather leggings I thought there was nooooo way I could pull them off. But they have pleasantly surprised me!!

  12. That is awesome Lorena!!! I bet you will look beautiful in it, can't wait to see how you style it!

  13. Thank you so much Ali!!! I wasn't very into leather before either since my style is soooo girly and when I think of leather I think of motorcycle chicks! hahaha. But nowadays there are very girly and cute pieces made with faux leather, so there is good options for girly girls like you and me!

  14. I couldn't agree more Ester!!! It just adds that unexpected chic detail to an otherwise simple outfit. Glad to hear we agree!

  15. Yup, I think so too Mica! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Thank you so much Caroline!! Oh yes, a good leather skirt is definitely very flattering, versatile, and on trend!! The leather leggings can be a little intimidating I must admit, but I bet you could pull them off!

  17. Yaaaaaaiii!!! Thank you SO much April!!! You are so kind!

  18. Thank you so much Paula!!! Your neutral leather jacket sounds amazing and so versatile!!! I hope you find the leather pencil skirt you are looking for!

  19. Hahahahaha I can totally see you in some leather shorts Ashley!!! You always look amazing in everything!

  20. You have such fun style! Your nails, clothing, accessories, everything - awesome. :D Great integration of leather in your outfits - it's amazing how luxe and comfortable it can be, and I love wearing it as well. :)

    ~ lauriel

    EyeForElegance.com | EyeForElegance on Bloglovin

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    Intelligent leather learns body structure and adjusts to the physique, creating an impressive look on your persona.

    Nice leather explanation

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