{Outfit}: New Forever 21 Store in Panama!!

Nov 11 (1)

  Monday November 11, 2013

Hi guys!! I'm sure most of my fellow Panamanian's know this by now, but Forever 21 FINALLY opened a store here in Panama!!! Yaaaaiii!!! What a dream come true!! I've been dreaming of this day for years and years!! Let me throw in just a couple more exclamation points for good measure !!!!!!! hahaha. 

En Español - Hola chicos! Estoy seguro que la mayoría de ustedes panameños ya saben que finalmente ya abrieron una tienda de Forever 21 aquí en Panamá verdad?!!! Weeee!!! He estado soñando con este día desde hace varios años!!!!! Déjame agregar aún más signos de exclamación por toda mi emoción!!!! jajaja

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Ok, so clearly I'm happy about this! About 75% of my closet is Forever 21 I would say, so you can imagine my excitement to finally have a store here in Panama. More than the shopping, I'm happy mostly because now my Panamanian readers will also be able to buy the same pieces they see here on my blog (rather than having to order them from the U.S.).

Ok, así que claramente estoy super contenta por esto! Alrededor de 75% de mi armario es Forever 21 diría yo, así que ustedes se pueden imaginar mi emoción de tener por fin una tienda aquí en Panamá. Más que comprar, lo que más me emociona es que ahora mis lectores panameños también podrán comprar las mismas piezas que ven aquí en mi blog (en lugar de tener que pedirlos de los Estados Unidos).

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I had a wonderful time looking through the new store with my sister. I was feeling kind of "hip" today, so I decided to wear a crop top, with a skirt, and some sneaker wedges. I know this is kind of different than my usual outfits, but it suited the mood of the day ;)

La pasé de maravilla caminando por toda la nueva tienda con mi hermana. Hoy decidí ponerme este "crop top", con una falda corta, y unos "sneaker wedges". Sé que es un outfit un poco diferente a lo que usualmente uso, pero me pareció perfecto para mi humor del día :)

Nov 11 (5)

{Shirt/Camisa: Forever21.com (Similar here!)  ;  Skirt/Falda: c/o Desigual Store (Mall Multiplaza Pacific, Panamá)  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Forever21.com (Similar here!)  ;  Rampage Purse/Cartera: Saks (Panama) (Similar here!) ;  Sunglasses/Lentes de sol: Forever21.com (Similar here!) ;  Earrings/Aretes: Forever21.com (Similar here!)  ;  Wing ring/Anillo de alas: Amazon.com (Similar here!)}

Nov 11 (6)

Have any of you (my Panamanian readers) visited the new Forever 21 store in the Multiplaza Pacific Mall yet? If so, did you like it?

Alguno de ustedes (mis lectores panameños) ya visitaron la nueva tienda de Forever 21 en Mall Multiplaza Pacific? Si es así, les gustó?

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  1. I can imagine your excitement. I found F21 couple of years ago and when I discovered they had a store in London (a massive one that is) I was beside myself with excitement. I can tell you gonna be spending time here a lot Marie.


  2. You can pull off any style. I really like how this outfit looks on you.

  3. Thank you so much Rosely!!! I really appreciate you saying that! Sometimes its fun to try something different :)

  4. Absolutely love Forever21! You look great girl!!
    xo TJ


  5. I can imagine you were very excited! The skirt is very cute! :) Hope you enjoy your week Marie. x/Madison

  6. Yep, been there! done that :) I even got my 21.00USD gift card yay!

  7. Thanks Madison!!! I hope you have a great week too!

  8. I can imagine how excited you were! I felt the same way when we got one here in Canada. Hope you bought lots. Love your skirt by the way, beautiful!


  9. Woah Marie, I suppose a congrats is in order :) I'm always amazed at how daring you are ordering so many things online via F21, but they always seem to fit well! I'm certainly glad you got your own shop in town. Not having your favorite store around is THE worst, we're somewhat limited around here in TN as well. Love the crop top as well, it looks great on you!

    perfectly priya

  10. you look so cute! and i love that skirt


  11. You two look adorable for the grand opening of Forever21! We have 2 locations here- one is 2 floors and I have to be in the mindset to go there since it can be overwhelming! haha
    I can imagine now that your closet will be now more like 90% Forever21 ;)

  12. Hahahaha thanks Heidi!!!! I'm aaaaaactually on a no shopping rule right now... at least on the most part. So I will probably hold back from buying as long as I can... then I'll go all crazy and buy it ALL!! Buahahaha ... (just kidding) .... (not really ;)....

  13. Thank you so much April!!! I'm really loving this skirt right now, it has so many fun quirky details!

  14. Thanks Priya!!! Hahahaha yeah, I used to really make some HUGE forever 21 online purchases didn't I?!?! It is nice to actually be able to try the clothes on before I buy them, Yippie!

  15. Thaaaaaanks Pia!!! Glad to hear you can relate to my excitement! Yippie to both of us!

  16. I love this skirt on you!!! And looks like you and your sis had a great time at F21! F21 is a bit overwhelming for me, the ones they have near my house are gigantic.


  17. You guys look so adorable and the skirt looks great on you. I'm happy to hear F21 is in panama now :) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  18. That skirt looks great on you! Hope you had fun shopping at the store! :)

    Away From The Blue

  19. Two most lovely ladies. What a fantastic hip shot, the last picture.

  20. Congratulations on new shop opening! I never have shopped before inF21. I know there is in Dublin (Ireland ) one, but when I go to Dublin for shopping I always forgot to visit it. You look so lovely in this outfit and that's wonderful that you had so much fun with your sis that day.

    xoxo Ra


  21. Thank you Ramona!!!! I hope you get to visit one someday, its soooo cool!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day :)

  22. Thanks Mica!!! I did have loads of fun spending time with my sister at the mall ;)

  23. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it!

  24. iyeay im happy too . i went on sunday 10thbut cant stroll around as im not so well. next time will back for sure. now i have another must visit store in multiplaza.

  25. Sorry you weren't feeling well that day Foni, what a bummer. You should definitely check it out again!

  26. looks like shop is having a huge collection of variety of designer tops and shirts ....loved the pics!!!!

  27. That is so exciting! My city is finally getting a F21 this spring and I'm SOOOOO excited! My favorite pieces are from there so I'm glad I'll be able to go whenever I want!


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