{Outfit}: Comfy Outfit for a weekend at the beach

Fresh Summer Outfit Fresh Summer Outfit

  Sunday June 09, 2013

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (Find me @mariemcgrathpty), you probably know that I spent this past weekend resting at Bijao beach!! We spent most of the weekend just relaxing, taking naps, eating too much, and then taking more naps. But we also went to a Porsche car event, so at least we did something productive! hehe.

Porsche Marie & Alejo Porsche Fresh Summer Outfit

I don't want to get all lovey dovey on all of you, but I really enjoyed spending time with my boyfriend this weekend. He is such a wonderful guy and I'm just so lucky to have him in my life.

Marie & Alejo

It rained a lot while we were there, which was perfect for cozying up with a fashion magazine and a hot cup of tea. Oh, and a cupcake too of course ;)

Tea Time

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Fresh Summer Outfit
{Dress: Via Vai (Panama)  ;  Kenneth Kole Sandals: BBB (Panama)  ;  Watermelon earrings: Used to be my sisters a long time ago (I'm kind of obsessed with them!)  ;  Rings: Forever21.com  ;  Watch: Asos.com}


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  1. Aw, I'm so glad that you two are such a sweet, happy couple! :D You both always look so happy together. I just love it!!

    That dress is so lovely on you! Looks perfect for a nice warm day, and I love those rings you've got stacked on your fingers, too! That muffin doesn't look half bad, either. ;)

  2. Oh a weekend to relax sounds like a great idea, I need one of those, lately i have been sooooo busy on weekends.
    This is such a nice dress :)

  3. Lovely! Your earrings are so cute! I'm wearing a similar dress on my latest post. :)

  4. you look great and the backdrops it's amazing !

    Love the earrings with the dress !



  5. Such a beautiful dress and perfect for the beach! It looks great on you- kind of retro in a way. Love that you paired it with a red lip! :)

  6. Love the pop of color on those fun earrings. Great look!

  7. Amazing beauty Marie! Love the look! :) By the beach and you stay as pretty!

  8. You two are so cute! I loved your Vine of this Marie. The dress is really pretty.


  9. Sounds like a good weekend to me. The dress is fab and its reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.


  10. Aww you and your boyfriend are so cute!

    Love that white maxi dress on you, it looks beautiful :)

    Away From Blue

  11. love it! gorgeous dress :)


  12. Love those sandals of yours!! And now I know with "breezy dresses" ;)

  13. Love the dress. Must get something similar for my beach trip this July!! :)


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