{Hair Tutorial}: The Twisty Ponytail

The Twisty Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone! I've finally made a tutorial for that twisty ponytail hairstyle I love wearing so much. It is the perfect hairstyle for summer and it is so easy to do! 

Below you will find a video showing step by step how to get the look. Or if you would prefer, there is also a photo tutorial at the end of this post (Feel free to pin it on your Pinterest so you don't forget!). 

I hope you all enjoy this quick and easy hairdo and let me know if you have any questions :)

The Twisty Braid Hair Tutorial


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  1. Wow! This looks so pretty!


  2. It's so pretty and you make it look so easy!

  3. You must read minds, because I was about to ask you to make this tutorial :D
    The video is great and you look super sweet. I'm sure I'll try this hairstyle any time soon, it's pretty and easy, perfect for summer :)

  4. Wow I can't believe how actually simple this is!! Thanks for putting it in video format, I am totally gonna try this out (and link back to you if it makes it on the blog!)

    perfectly priya

  5. Vi que hablas español, así que te pondré el comentario en español. Ame este tutorial, muchas gracias. Se ve tan limpio y simple, espero que entiendas lo que dije, lol. Esta genial :)

  6. Hola Vale!! Sí tienes toda la razón, si hablo español y sí entiendo todo lo que escribistes. Mil mil disculpas que no vi este comment hasta ahora, que verguenza!! Pero te quería dar las gracias de todas formas por visitar mi blog y por tus lindas palabras! Me hace muy feliz escuchar que te gusto mi tutorial :)

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