{DIY}: Harry Potter Hogwarts Blazer

DIY Harry Potter Hogwarts Blazer

If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, this is the right craft for you! Isn't this Hogwarts blazer awesome?! This is a great way to add new life to an old blazer that has been sitting in your closet since forever. Or, it would make an amazing gift for a Harry Potter fan like myself!

For this project, you will need:
  • A blazer (mine is from Forever21)
  • A Hogwarts patch
  • Safety pins (at least 3)
  • Scissors, needle, and black thread

To make this chic Hogwarts blazer, you just need to follow 3 easy steps:
  1. Start by placing the patch on your blazer wherever you think it might look good and hold it in place using the safety pins. 
  2. Then try the blazer on and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure the patch is where you like it. If not, try again until it looks just right.
  3. Once you are sure you like where the patch is located, start hand sewing the patch to the blazer. I didn't do anything fancy, I sewed it like you would a button (just up and down, if that makes sense). Make sure you sew as close to the edge of the patch as possible so that it isn't visible.

All done!!

This DIY was super duper easy, and it makes this plain blazer look so much more original and chic! Plus, it is perfect for Harry Potter fans like myself ;)

Harry Potter Inspired Harry Potter Inspired

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  1. Your blog is the cutest, Marie! It really showcases your fun personality and your lovely use of color.

    I think this Hogwarts blazer is so cool. And your chow is adorable. I have a Pomeranian, and I always think chows just look like bigger versions of them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--hope to see you around again! <3

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  2. So cute and easy. Loved it looks so high end and preppy.

  3. Oh Harry Potter! I like this blazer, because the patch isnt too noticeable to you could probbly get away with wearing it a lot. On a side note, where did you get you earrings??


  4. Love this type of blazers, great diy.

  5. Omg! I squealed a little when I saw this!! This is so amazing!! BTW Where did you go to get a chocolate frog??
    Thank you for the comment!


  6. very simple, and so cute! the blazer looks great!

  7. super originales tus zapatos y muy mona en modo Howards


    ♥Nshantel By Tamara♥

  8. あなたのエルメスのハンドバッグは安いティッシュペーパーとオフカラーボックスに付属してまたはボックスが大きすぎるか小さすぎる場合チャンスはあなたである場合

    Here is my blog: アウトレット バーバリー

  9. Cada vez que veo esos zapatos me dan ganas de comprármelos... me encantan!

  10. I want a Hogwarts blazer too!!!! :'( I hope I can find a patch here in Manila. This one is a very nice idea.


  11. Oh how cute, it reminds me of a school uniform!

    Kisses, Dia.


  12. Thank you so much!!! It makes me so happy to hear you like it!

  13. Thank you!! Yeah, it kind of reminds me of those Ralph Lauren or Rugby blazers that have the preppy patch on the packet. Oh, and these earrings are from Asos.com, but they are a little old so I'm not sure if they still have them. Thanks for all your kind words!

  14. Thank you SO much Claudia!!! It means so much to me to hear you like this Hogwarts craft! YAI! The chocolate frog is from Universal Studios in Orlando, but I know you can also buy it from Amazon.com !

  15. Thank you Lydia!! Glad you like it!

  16. Thank you so much!! You should definitely give it a try, its so easy to do ;)

  17. Mil gracias Tamara!! Me hace muy feliz saber que te gustaron!

  18. Thanks Jody!!! YAI!!

  19. Aaaww thanks Petra!! I appreciate your kind words and the follow!

  20. Gracias Lorena!! Si, estos zapatos son una obsesion para mi. En cuanto los vi en Modcloth.com, los compre de una vez!

  21. I'm so happy to hear you liked this idea!! You can find the patch on Amazon.com. I included a link to where you can buy it, just click on the "Hogwarts Patch" link in my post!

  22. Thanks Dia!! Yeah, it definitely has a school uniform vibe to it doesn't it ?!

  23. Hi Bailey!! Sorry I didn't see your comment until now, how embarrassing. Yes, the patch was very affordable, I can't remember how much but somewhere around there. I just looked up on Amazon real quick and they have various price ranges from $5-$15 patches. Here is one in case you are still looking :) http://goo.gl/wmlDsD


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