{Outfit}: Quick and Easy outfit

Casual Outfit Casual Outfit 
  Wednesday February 27, 2013

Here are a couple of photos of this outfit I put together real quick on-the-go. I love wrap dresses, they are just SO easy and always look great! Add  interesting shoes and a pop-of-color purse and you are ready to go :)

Casual Outfit Casual Outfit Casual Outfit Casual Outfit
{Dress: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Shoes: El Titan (Panama)  ;  Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx (USA)  ;  Earrings: Forever21.com  ;  Rings: Forever21.com}

BTW, I can't believe it is already March, the year is flying by so quickly! Here is what my calendar looked like by the end of February:

Feb 27 (7) Feb 27 (8) 

Hope you all have a great day!

Get the look:

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  1. Very cute quick and easy outfit. Its nice to put something like this together so easily and still look so great! I know what you mean about the year going by fast!

  2. I love wrap dressed too. Love the buttons on this one!

  3. Oh, cute! I love the color of your dress (and those buttons are adorable! buttons always make everything 50000x cuter, yeah?). and your shiny red purse looks so nice against it. Pretty pretty lipstick, too, Marie!

  4. that dress fits you so well! super pretty

    kw ladies in navy

  5. That dress is so cute! I can't wait until it warms up so I can wear my cute dresses.

  6. Great dress - wrap dresses are so versatile-

  7. I love your outfit, that dress is gorgeous! Your calendar is also very fun.



  8. Every item in your look is so, so wonderful!
    Love the idea with the calendar!

  9. You look so pretty, love this wrap dress.


  10. You are always full of accessories :)

    xo Ashley


  11. Get ready, cause this will be a long comment :)
    First of all: yey!! We got to see a little more of the wall. I've been very curious about the rest of the wall. We usually just see the vase and the blue mugs. I love the way everything looks so bright and with lots of light.
    Second: I love the dress. It's simple, it's feminine and fits you perfect. I have one or two with a similar cut (though not wrap) and I think it's a very flattering cut.
    Third: I need those shoes! They are soooo sweet, the print is so pretty. And I love this kind of shoes. I've had a white pair and a black one too; I wore them so much that they just didn't survive.
    And finally: your calendar looks lovely. It's very sweet the way you illustrate the days. Cause "everyday is special" :)

    Final bonus: the outfit from the previous post is very nice. I like the colour combination and the way it goes with the nails ;)

  12. I love this dress! So pretty and flattering. And your hair is gorgeous!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  13. Very cute outfit!
    I will say for my life as a grad student, this outfit would not be casual but for me personally, I see it as casual. Love the shoes!

  14. very simple and fun! love the color of the dress. and those shoes are too cute

    Alexa <3


  15. Thanks Ann!!! You are so sweet!

  16. Thank you Jess!! Yeah, the buttons and the collar is what made me fall for this dress :)

  17. Thanks Ali! Oh yes for sure, buttons are the secret ingredient to any cute dress!

  18. Aaaww thanks Kelsey!

  19. Thank you April!! I hope it gets warm soon where you live :)

  20. Thanks Lorena!! Yeah, I feel so too. They are just so flattering and easy to wear!

  21. Thank you so much!

  22. Yai! Thank you!! So glad you liked both my outfit and my calendar :)

  23. Thanks Ashley!! Yeah, I always feel my best when I'm wearing lots of bracelets and rings, hehehe :)

  24. Oh Teresa!!! You are just so so sweet!! Thank you SOOOO much for taking the time to write so many lovely words. Your comment really put a smile on my face. I can't thank you enough for your support ;)

  25. Thank you Amy!!!

  26. Hahaha yeah, I guess casual varies from person to person. For me this is pretty casual because the dress and the shoes are super comfy. Hope you have a great day!

  27. Thanks Alexa!!! Have a great day!

  28. Your doodles on the calendar are adorable. You're talented.

  29. This dress is lovely Marie! Love how you styled it! Having great trips I see! :)

    Hope you can visit me again too dear :)
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    I'll keep up with
    your updates via Bloglovin' instead :) Been following you there anyway,
    hope you follow me back there too, in case you haven't yet so we can
    still follow each other :)

    Don't worry - still following you on GFC. :) And I just fanned you on Lookbook! Woohoo!

    Let me know if there are other platforms you want dear. Keep in touch! (^_^) Happy weekend!

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  30. Such a cute dress! It looks great on you!
    I saw that calender at Barnes and Noble one day and I almost got it - haha. It's quite adorable.

  31. What are those things on your calendar lol! I love your wrap dress. Is it denim or chambray or something else?



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