Canopy in El Valle, Panama

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Sunday December 30, 2012

One of the fun activities we did during our weekend in El Valle was to Canopy!! I've never done canopy before, so I was really excited to try!

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Before going on our canopy adventure, we first walked around the area to take pictures of all the beautiful scenery. There were so many pretty bridges, walkways, and waterfalls.

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After our short walk, we got all geared up and ready to go!!

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For those of you who do not know what canopy is, it is basically streamlining from tree to tree using a cable and harness. I wouldn't call myself the most adventurous of creatures, so I was kind of nervous about it. But you know what? It was soooooooo cool!!

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It was so thrilling to go across long distances basically flying from tree to tree. The most thrilling part was going over this huge waterfall and looking down... I was so high up!

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I want to thank my sister Annie and brother Mike for convincing me to try it out! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to try it again ;)

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  1. Wwwhhhhhooooa! Marie, awesome! I've always wanted to do this. I see it all the time on travel ads and such and it just seems so risky and dangerous and fun hahaha even though I'm pretty sure it's super safe. But still oh gosh. I bet you felt like a ninja!

  2. I have always wanted to try this too. It looks like a lot of fun. 
    Looks like a beautiful place to do it too! :) 

  3. I've never done that before because I have a little fear of heights, but with the beautiful scenery, I think I'll be able to manage! 
    ♥ laurathe blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  4. Wow, the pictures of the scenery are so beautiful!  Just the view alone would be worth it.  Looks you had a lot of fun, what a great sibling activity.

  5. Here in the Philippines we call it zip lining! :) I've tried it a couple of times already and IT WAS FUN!! :) Glad u also had time.

  6. The place looks amazing.
    And if you were excited to slide over the waterfall, you should try the "Fantasticable". I'll leave the link so you can watch.It's awsome. I tried it once (a little to expensive for me to repeat), I was nervous, but it was *no words to describe*

    By the way, since I haven't done it yet, I wish you a great 2013, with lots of love and happiness. And of course, new outfits!

  7.  Oh wao, I'm glad to hear you have tried it yourself as well!! It is indeed so much fun, can't wait to try it again ;)

  8.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooo, the Fantasticable looks AMAZING!!! I bet I would be really scared, but it would probably be an awesome experience too. You've tried it?!! Waoooo, how cool!!!!

    I wish you the very best in 2013 as well Teresa. Thank you so much for always being so supportive and sweet ;)

  9. Thank you Mica!!! It was indeed loads of fun. You should try it sometime!

  10.  Thank you Annabelle!! Yeah, it was fun to try something adventurous and different with my brothers. Hope you are doing well!

  11.  You should definitely give it a try Heidi!!! It really isn't that scary and its loads of fun. Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. I was here a few years ago and freaked out too ! but loved it. I did not listen to instructions and burn my arm really bad with the cable :(
    I tried did it again this year but over the Chagres river - at a place on the way to Colon - it was amaaaaazing. 
    It's good to try new things!


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