2012 Recap: December outfits

12 Dec 31 - Year Recap - 12 Dec 

  Here is the 12th and final part of the 2012 outfit recap! Below are all the outfits I wore in December 2012. Remember that you can click on each outfit to see the full outfit post :)
12 Dec 0512 Dec 07 12 Dec 0812 Dec 09 12 Dec 1212 Dec 13 12 Dec 1412 Dec 15 12 Dec 1612 Dec 18 12 Dec 2012 Dec 21 12 Dec 2412 Dec 25 12 Dec 2712 Dec 28 
12 Dec 2912 Dec 31

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  1. Beautiful :) as always ♥


  2. My favorite is that one with the cute umbrella! :)

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  3. So many great outfits, my favorite is the one with the leather skirt and the striped t-shirt, so cute! :D

  4. Aaawww thank you so much!!!

  5. You are so sweet Monika, thank you so much!

  6. Wheee! All 12 months, and I enjoyed sifting through them all. What a great outfit year! :D I gotta say I really love your colorful leggings one and the gold sparkly dress. Such fun pieces!

  7. Thank you Ali!!! You are one of the nicest most sweetest readers I have, I really appreciate all the support you have given me!


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