2012 Recap: August Outfits

12 Dec 31 - Year Recap - 08 Aug 

Here is the 8th part of the 2012 outfit recap! Below are all the outfits I wore in August 2012. Remember that you can click on each outfit to see the full outfit post :)

08 Aug 0108 Aug 03 08 Aug 0508 Aug 06 08 Aug 0708 Aug 09 08 Aug 1008 Aug 12 08 Aug 1308 Aug 16 08 Aug 18 08 Aug 2008 Aug 21 08 Aug 2208 Aug 24 08 Aug 2508 Aug 26 08 Aug 2808 Aug 29 08 Aug 30

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  1. Yet another amazing set of outfits, Marie! I love that second one--sheer tights with a white dress is so pretty!

  2. I'm loving the abundance of florals here! Makes me want to whip out my floral dresses and go frolicking in the fields! ...Which is very very far from where I live. Haha!

    Abihttp://thebelatedbloomer.blogspot.comtwitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  3. Lovely outfits :) You have so many nice colourful dresses :)


  4.  Thank you Ali!!! I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying all of these outfit sets, yai!

  5.  Hahahahha thank you Abi!! Yeah, I'm definitely very into florals and bright colors! Wishing you some warm weather soon so that you can whip out those floral dresses ;)

  6.  Thank you soso much Mica!! I appreciate it!

  7. I really love how colorful your outfits are and how you bring the photos to life. Really pretty, all of them! :)

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