Orlando Day 3, Part 2: Halloween Horror Night!

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**Yes, that's right everyone, that spooky creepy Pumpkin is ME! Hahaha very different from my usual cute and happy self huh?!

Sunday October 28, 2012

As I said in a previous post, today we went to Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and the Halloween Horror Night. Here are the spooky photos from the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios!!

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It wasn't our original plan for all of us to paint our faces so creepy looking. It all started when my boyfriend decided not go on one of the rides and waited outside instead. When we finished the ride and I walked outside to look for him, this weird green goblin came up to me and started talking to me. I was kind of uncomfortable with the creepy green demon.... until I realized it was my boyfriend!

Oct 28 U (4)  

My boyfriend secretly painted his face while we were on the ride. I honestly did not recognize him! Even after I knew it was him, I was still felt kind of freaked out from his creepy makeup.... haha.

Oct 28 U (5)
My boyfriend's makeup looked so cool, that we all decided to paint our faces as well.

 Oct 28 U (6)  

My boyfriend was Frankenstein, my sister was a Zombie, I was a Pumpkin, my brother was the Joker, and his girlfriend was a Skeleton. We were soooooo amazed at how good the makeup artists were! We all looked sooo creppy!

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We were definitely not the only ones who liked our makeup, since many many people throughout the night asked to take pictures with us like we were some sort of attraction... haha, we felt famous! hahaha.

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The Universal Halloween Horror Night was just amazing!! The whole event starts with all these spooky monsters walking the streets startling people. There were demons, rippers, vampires, etc. They would creep up on you when you weren't looking and scare you to death!

Oct 28 U (12) Oct 28 U (13)  

We decided to buy a cup of coffee and sit down to watch random people being tortured by these startling monsters.. haha. We saw over and over again how guests would literally run away from the disguised vampires or scream to the top of their lungs. It was quite amusing ;)

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There were 7 different haunted houses throughout the park, and we saw 6 of them! Some of them were actually not that scary at all, but two of them were really freaky! I admit that I screamed and ran in more than one occasion... haha.

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It was such a fun spooky night!! I would definitely love to come back for Halloween sometime in the future. Have any of you every been to Universal's Halloween Horror Night?

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Next up are the last two parks of our trip: Epcot and Magic Kingdom! Stay tuned :)

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  1. The makeup artists were REALLY good. I've never seen face painting that well done

  2. You four are totally genius and your faces really freak me out.

  3. beautiful make up up!


  4. Wow, Marie, you guys look so scary! It's weird, you always look so friendly and sweet, but you make a very convincing scary pumpkin, haha!

    I agree with Ashley; those make-up artists must have been REALLY good, all of you look amazing! I'm scared so easily, so I don't think I will visit the park when it's completely in Halloween atmosphere, haha!  

  5.  I know, me neither!! I was sooo impressed that I couldn't help but try the makeup myself. Thanks for stopping by Ashley, have a fantastic day!

  6.  Hi Jody!! I know what you mean, I kind of freaked myself out every time I looked in the mirror... hahaha. It was kind of fun to be scary though, there were even little kids scared of us... hehe. Thanks for stopping by and always being so supportiv :)

  7. So fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so this would be right up my alley. Love the creepy makeup!

  8. The makeup looks really good. Halloween is so much fun.

  9. How fun! Love the photo of you sitting there drinking coffee with the face paint on :D 

  10. It's so creepy but i so liked it! :) hahahahaha...


  11. omg Marie, that is too cool! All your face paintings look AMAZING! And I love that last pic with you and your bf!!!

  12. You guys went all out and you look amazing!

  13. MARIE YOU'RE SO CREEPY!! ;) hahaha, but you look great! That's some impressive face-art you've got painted on you, yes indeed. This looks all so fun!

    && my my, you're lucky to not have weird time and light changes in Panama! Maybe I need to move down there. ;)

  14. It looks like you had a great vacation.  That is some creepy makeup!

  15. The make up is amazing ! 
    I love all of them, specially the skeleton one.
    You look so evil-

  16. The makeup artists did such a great job! You all look so great! Love your mask. :) 

  17.  Hahahahahaha I know right?!?! I twas weird to look in the mirror and see a mega creepy Pumpkin looking back at me. It was very fun indeed.

    Feel free to move on down here in Panama where the light never changes. You will have at least one friend here waiting for you :)

  18.  Thank you Laura!!! You are so sweet, I'm glad you liked our creepy faces :)

  19.  Thank you! Hahaha yeah, we are just sitting there, drinking coffee, as if we everything is normal and we don't look like creepy monsters. LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  20.  Halloween is my favorite holiday too!! I really love dressing up in fun costumes. I almost never wear anything scary or creepy, so this spooky makeup was fun for a change. Thanks for stopping by Kimberly :)

  21. So much fun, loved the makeup! :D

  22. jajaja las caras estan demasiado cools no puedo creer que alejo haya hecho eso jajajaja q miedo q de la nada te llege frankestein a hablarte jajaja

  23.  Si man!! Fue verdaderamente frikeante!


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