Sneak Peek: More Forever 21 & ;)

Shopping Haul: Forever 21!  
{All items from Still available: Heart Sweater (Different color)  ;  Striped Blazer (Different color) ;  Minnie Top  ;  Heart tights  ; Leopard tights  ;  Rhinestone necklace   ;  Chain necklace  ;  Coral rhinestone necklace  ;  Sequin flats (both colors available!)}

Here is a sneak peek of my new items from Forever 21 and!! Of course, I always get free kitties with my purchases from these sites. In this case, I got not one, not two, but three free kitties!! hhahahaha.

Shopping Haul: Forever 21!  

Asos on the other hand only sent me one free kitty with my purchase... oh well, I guess its because it was a much smaller order.

Shopping Haul:!  
 {All items from Still available: Star tights, Burgundy tights, Polka dot tights, Heart tights, Spike bracelet}

LOL! Jokes aside, my cats are just adorable. They really make picture taking so much more fun!

  Kitty !

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