Flats Challenge: Ombre nails!

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Saturday September 1, 2012

Once again, I dug deep into my shoe closet and found these forgotten yellow flats! I know they don't look yellow in the picture, but trust me, they are definitely yellow. Hopefully I will keep discovering "new" (actually old) flats in my closet so that I can wear them during this long Flats challenge!

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I am completely smitten with the ombre green nails I came up with. I wanted colors that would combine with the dress, so I went with different shades of green and teal. I'm in love with how this looks!

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Another special moment of the day? Playing with my M&M's before eating them of course... I ate not one, but TWO packages... did anyone say oink oink?

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Anywhoo, feeling rather joyful in this outfit today. The print and color of this dress makes it one of my all time favorites, and who could resist smiling at this Smiley purse?! Not me!

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{Dress: Unique-vintage.com (You can find it here!)  ;  Flats: Madison (Panama)  ;  Purse: Asos.com  ;  ZigZag rings: Asos.com (Still available here!)}

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:

  09 Sept 01

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  1. This dress is so interesting. Peanut m&m's are my weakness.

  2. I like the bright polish, and the colors look great with that dress.

  3. Very, very pretty. I LOVE this dress. It looks so good on you and your nails are such a perfect compliment!! Love that ring too.

  4. This dress is amazing, I love how you made it fun with the smiley purse and the ombre nails :)

    Sara, Road to the Heart

  5. The flats look like they belonged with the dress! haha. Lovely outfit! :)

  6. OMG, I almost bought that dress on modcloth! It is so flattering and fun! So summer.

  7. Such a fun outfit...love the stripey flat and the beautiful print on that dress!!

  8. M&M art!! hahaha, that is too fun! And delicious. M&Ms are one of my favorite candies... that, and Reese's! yum yum yum. :)

    Okay, less about candy and more about this bright and lovely outfit of yours! That purse is so adorable and makes me smile. It's just so you!

  9. what a fun outfit!!! I love the print of the dress! (:


  10. i always love your posts because all your pictures are soo cheery and happy! your style is so fun and unique! i love this dress and it goes great with your hair! that bag is way too cute and such a great touch! you look beautiful and amazing as usual

  11. A very colorful, happy outfit!

  12. love the multicolored nail trend :)


  13. Love this dress, the print is amazing! And your colour-coordinating skills are simply great, love the complete picture of this outfit!

  14. I love your nails !
    Hope your foot is healing well ;)

  15. your nails are great!! actually the whole outfit is fantastic!! http://katejones.me

  16. Que linda!! Me encanta ese vestido y tus uñitas de colores!!

  17. Wow, you have an amazing collection of "forgotten" shoes! This dress is SO fun, I love it! Also love what you did with your nails. I wasn't sure at first, but it IS cool and unique with all the different colors! I'm amazed by how you always keep your nails painted! That's dedication!

    perfectly priya


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