Last week on Instagram...

Instagram (1)Instagram (2)
1. Feeling Girly -- 2. Jones hiding under my desk... cute!

Instagram (3)Instagram (4)
3. Locket with a photo of my parents -- 3. My boyfriend and I waiting for a musical play to start

Instagram (5)Instagram (6)
5. and 6. Enjoying a delicious breakfast at a french bakery

Instagram (7)Instagram (8)
7. Billy's kitty ears are so darling -- 8. Piggie iPhone cover!

Instagram (9)Instagram (10)
9. and 10. Alejo and I love each other very much ;)

Instagram (11)Instagram (12)
11. Gorilon and his monkey t-shirt -- 12. Magical Cinderella play

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Hope you are all having a great week!

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