Last week on Instagram...

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1. Ellie is just too sweet -- 2. Bright pink and purple nails

Instagram (3)Instagram (4)  
3. New rings from -- 4. New purchases from F21!

Instagram (5)Instagram (6)  
5. Maxi's big yellow eyes -- 6. Lacoste watch my boyfriend gave me ;)

Instagram (7)Instagram (8)
 7. My new dusty pink hat is so girlie, I love it! -- 8. Bright nails

Instagram (9)Instagram (10)  
9. Found this dress from high school in the back of my closet, it still fits! --  
10. Loving Jones!

Instagram (11)Instagram (12)  
11. Roses are red -- 12. Windy Sunday

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Hope you are all having a great week! 

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  1. That last pic of your hair in the wind is so lovely! You're like a Disney princess, for reals. ;)

    And kitties! So cute, they are. <3

  2. Your cats are so cute! Love your new rings, and that rose clutch!

  3. ahh your cats are so adorable! both of them are so cute in their own way. love the second last outfit with the pops of red :)

  4. Super cute photos, especially your kitty.


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