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The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (1) The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (2)

Thursday August 9, 2012

For some reason, I woke up in the mood of wearing this new jumpsuit my mother bought me a couple of weeks ago. But then I thought: "Jumpsuits are not very professional".

The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (3) The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (4)

I kept staring at the jumpsuit in my closet wanting to wear it, and then I thought: "The hell with professional, I'm just going to add a blazer and act like it is appropriate". And that's exactly what I did. As long as you adopt the attitude of confidence, you can be wearing just about anything and pull it off ;)

The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (5) The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (6) The Joy of Fashion: Jumpsuit (7)  
{Jumpsuit: Saks (Panama)  ;  Blazer: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Shoes: Present from my friends  ;  Clutch: Asos.com  ;  Panda ring: eBay.com}

Oh, and it's been a while since I post a kitty photo, so here you go:
The Joy of Fashion: Kitty (8)


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  1. I like it - it looks v professional on you :)

    I font think a jumpsuit would "suit" me at all though! But you pull it off v well!

    Sal x

  2. Girl! You look professional and FAB! Way to wear what you truly want, that's what fashion should be like! I like that confidence quote btw, thanks! 

    perfectly priya

  3. Love this look! I always shy away from playsuits, but the way you paired yours with a blazer looks so chic, fashion-forward, and wearable. Also, I agree that a person can pull of just about any look when they feel truly confident in it. 

  4. "pull off" not "pull of". I must be tired :-)

  5. Such a gorgeous, laid back look! Love it!
    xo K

  6. cannot even describe how much I love your style!! you have the cutest outfits and all your photos are stunning <3

    Alexa <3

  7. Love the Jumpsuit on you! I think they can be professional if worn right, just like you did. ;) 

  8. I'm in love with your jumpsuit!

    xo Jo


  9. great nails!! http://katejones.me

  10. Confidence is your best accesory! You wore the pantsuit well and made it look very professional :)  Cute kitty photo too.

  11. You rocked this look! You made the jumpsuit look completely professional and still tons of fun (just like you!)!

  12. I just found your blog and you are too cute! You look like you just had so much fun wearing this.  Not everyone could pull off this jumpsuit, but you absolutely do. Definitely a new follower!


  13. Nicely done - OMG your cat is sooooo cute.

  14. I like your attitude!! That was smart to throw on a blazer over that--this is totally professional. It's like a long dress, but with pants, meaning you can move around a lot easier, I assume! ;) The print on it is so cute as well, and look at all your cute accessories, eep. That panda ring is just precious.

  15. but you dress it up so well, Marie! and gimme that panda ring! It's soooo cute, I'm dying!

  16. A Super fashion GirlOctober 23, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    You look amazing! i love jumpsuits and this is perfect!


  17. You look great! I agree with your comment about confidence. I think I would get a strange look or two at my conservative office, but I'm glad you could pull it off :) 


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