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When: Wednesday July 25, 2012

Lacoste top: Present from my boyfriend
Skirt: Forever21.com
Shoes: Via Vai (Panama)
Purse: Forever21.com
Frog ring: Present from one of my best friends
Frog necklace: Present from my sister

Work + Movie date with my boyfriend


I decided to wear a bunch of froggy accessories today. I didn't realize I had so many frog items until I actually started to gather them together (oh and btw, I have even more froggy accessories that I forgot to wear). I guess deep down inside I must be a frog lover or something ;)

Neon  by The Joy of Fashion (10)  
Here are all the ways in which I've worn this collar shirt:

  Pink & White shirt Remix

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  1. Oooooh, I really, really like this, the bright pink lace skirt is so happy looking!   I love how bold you are with bright colors, this collared shirt and this bright lace skirt are garments I'd never think to pair together, but they look amazing!  (And that pink frog ring is just about the cutest thing ever.)  I also really love the previous outfit where you wore this shirt with the green skirt, watermelon colors!

  2. such cute nails with your froggy accessories. they remind me of my friend. lovely fun outfit. :)

  3. Oh my God! You are so beautiful and stylish it hurts!  Your blog is amazing and this outfit is stunning! :) Thank you for the lovely comment, looking at your blog I feel like I don't deserve it! ♥

    Keep it Classy

  4. Great ways to wear that shirt!! http://katejones.me

  5. I love that pink stripped shirt, I am also on the lookout for tailored clothes that are still fun and colourful. I also think the little pink froggy is really cute. 
    I would love it if we could follow each other on bloglovin. If you follow me, let me know and I will follow back immediately.


  6. so adorable, so so adorable.


  7. oooo love that hot pink lace skirt! 


  8. You look so adorable I love the brightness in the outfit

  9. miss luxurylavishlifeOctober 23, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    Gorgeous look, your bag is top.
    Would you like follow each other on gfc and fb?
    Let me know please!

  10. you really DO have a lot of froggie accessories! I really like that ring and your skirt is just lovely!

  11. lovely,lovely outfit! everything is soo sweet:)  beautiful photos!
    Thank You for honest comment on my blog:)I value that:):):)
    I follow You on gfc, maybe You follow me too?



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