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So do any of you remember all those FAQ's you lovely readers submitted? Of course you don't remember, it has been SO long since then! I'm so so soooo sorry I didn't get to answer your questions until now! But anyway, here are my answers (finally):

What is fashion like in Panama versus the U.S.A.?
Well, my only experience with U.S. fashion was my two years of college in Towson, Maryland during 2009 and 2010. From what I could see, the average American likes to be comfortable in what he/she wears. I could see that Americans would wear a lot of jeans, cardigans, and wedges/flats.

Here in Panama, women (in general) like to dress up and always look their best. Yes, most Panamanians wear jeans just like Americans do, but they like to dress it up with high heels, nice blouses, and chic accessories. Fashion is so accessible here that women from all brackgrounds can dress nicely.

In Panama however, there are certain items that are not quite common like tights and hats. So whenever I wear these items, I get lots and lots of stares! (Sometimes good ones, sometimes bad ones... haha).

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Where do you get the inspiration for your colorful outfits?
I think the main reason why I wear so much color is because I'm a very positive, cheerful, and upbeat person. So wearing color just seems natural to me! I do however get a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers ;)

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What's your favorite color to wear?
Out of all the colors, I feel that I look best in green. But for some reason, I don't wear green that often. I would say that I most often wear white mixed with some other bright color.

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How do you decide which pieces to splurge on versus save?
Most of my clothes (probably like 95%) is very very affordable. I find that a good rule of thumb is to splurge when it comes to classic pieces that never go out of style such as a little black dress, a black blazer, a white collar shirt, a pair of black and/or nude pumps, etc. Those pieces will always be considered fashionable, so it is worth getting quality. On the other hand, I usually buy more economical pieces when it comes to trends that come and go.

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Thanks for all the great questions guys!  
If you have any other questions, please feel free to write in the comment section below or shoot me an email at thejoyoffashion (at) hotmail (dot) com

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  1. I love your blog and your style, you wear a lot of fun colors, I love that!


  2. Whoa, I didn't know you lived in Panama, that's awesome! No wonder you always have such good lighting in your pictures ;)

  3. so you totally are a Panama girl! always so classy and elegant :D


  4. Go buy more green!  Love your Q and A

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment today.x

  5. those colors look amazing on you <3 love your hair! it's absolutely gorgeous 

    Alexa <3

  6. Love the photos! The blue dress is amaizing.
    Greetings from England and Finland,
    M&G from

  7. i love  the last  photo!!!!! you look great!


  8. You look amazing in that blue dress. This was so much fun to read! By the way you look beautiful! :)

    Stay fab,


  9. Andrea Altahona CorvachoOctober 23, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    Hello! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I like your style and especially that seen in Panamá, which is just as hot to the Colombian north coast where I live. Greetings!

  10. I feel like anywhere you go, if you wear bright tights, you're going to get looks, haha. But they're totally looks of approval--totally. This was so interesting to read about you! 

  11. loved reading through your answers, Marie! I would have never known that you loved green so much! I thought it would be pink! :)

  12. It was so nice getting to know you!! I love your style and I am your newest GFC follower :)



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