Happy Birthday Mom!

June 02 (1)

This past weekend, we celebrated my Mom's birthday! I thought it would be nice to share just a couple of photos of the lovely evening.

June 02 (2)

It's always lovely to get the whole family together to catch up and tell each other funny stories. I can honestly say that I love each member of my family so much, they are such wonderful people.

June 02 (3)

My mom had a wonderful night eating yummy food, singing happy birthday, and watching my mom open her birthday presents.

June 02 (4)

It was also nice to be our silly selves and take funny pictures! We wouldn't be the McGrath family if we weren't cracking jokes and being silly now would we?

June 02 (6)

Happy Birthday Mamita!! We all love and cherish you so so much!

June 02 (5) 

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