I traveled to Bogota, Colombia!!

May 17 (1)

Hi everyone!! Remember I wrote a couple of days ago that I went on a short trip?! Well, I traveled to Bogota, Colombia!! Yai!!

I've been wanting to visit Bogota ever since I started dating my boyfriend 4 1/2 years ago. My boyfriend was born in Colombia, so I was beyond excited to see the city where he lived most of his childhood... Of course, Munky decided to tag along on the trip as well:

May 17 (2)

The day I traveled to Bogota, I spent most of the day just eating, eating, and eating some more.
May 17 (3)

Colombian food is seriously delicious people! No diet for me this weekend :)
May 17 (4)

I even caught Munky stealing some Colombian Arepas! He sure is a naughty little monkey.
May 17 (5)

I'll be posting a couple of the best pictures of my trip in the next couple of days. I promise to keep it short and sweet. Hopefully you will all enjoy taking a little look at what Colombia has to offer!

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