Bogota Day 4: AG Purse Factory!

May 21 (1)

The last day of my trip to Bogota, I was lucky enough to experience AG's purse factory! My boyfriend's aunt Angela Gutierrez is a very talented purse maker in Colombia! (How cool is that right?!)

May 21 (2)

Apart from making lovely purses, she also makes belts, wallets, keychains, you name it! She has hundreds and hundreds of purse models to choose from. She is especially well known for making custom made leather purses.

May 21 (5)

She gave me a thorough tour of her entire factory, from the beautiful fabrics she uses down to the actual fabrication of the purses.
May 21 (3) May 21 (4)

It was fascinating to hear her story on how she became an independent entrepreneur doing what she loves. It's really inspiring to hear how she followed her dreams and persevered.

May 21 (6)

She gave me a beautiful keychain from her collection as a souvenir! If you would like to see some of her designs, check out her website!

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  1. Wow, those are some beautiful purses!  (Just looking at the rolls of fabric and leather she uses, so lovely and colorful!)  Those purses are just stunning and how fun that you got to tour her factory. (It really sounds like you are doing so many fun, amazing things on your trip, it's really exciting to see all of your photos.)


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