Bogota Day 1: The gorgeous view from Monserrate

May 18 (1)

Our first day in Bogota, Colombia was very very exciting!! We started our day off with a delicious breakfast. There were sooooo many delicious baked treats to choose from!

May 18 (2)

After that, we went to a place called Monserrate, a really tall mountain in the center of Bogota City. We used a train of sorts to go up to the tipity top of the mountain.

May 18 (5)

  May 18 (6)

The top of the mountain had a beautiful view of all the mountains that surround Bogota city.

May 18 (3)
May 18 (4)

But the real attraction was the breathtaking view of Bogota city. It was beyond gorgeous.

May 18 (7)

May 18 (8) May 18 (9)

On the top of the mountain there is also a cute little church:

May 18 (10)

My boyfriend and I were both in awe at just how beautiful it was up there. Seeing the entire city of Bogota from so high up was just surreal. Definitely one of the best parts of my entire trip.

May 18 (11)

We spent the rest of the day doing miscellaneous things such as walking around town eating THE most delicious popsicles EVER:

May 18 (13)

Oh, and taking pictures with Llamas... same ole, same ole.

May 18 (12)

At night we had "dinner" (actually just a bunch of baked desserts!) at a fabulously decorated french coffee shop. The food and decor were just exquisite.

May 18 (15)

May 18 (14)

Today was just a marvelous day. I got to see so many things in such a little amount of time. I wish I could spend all day on the top of Monserrate looking down on Bogota city.

May 18 (16)  

Simply beautiful.

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  1. A gorgeous day at a gorgeous place in a gorgeous outfit!!!! That view is great! The food looks really yummi!


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