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April 18 (1)
April 18 (2)
April 18 (3)
April 18 (4)
April 18 (5)
April 18 (6)
**You can find the tutorial for this hairstyle at princesshairstyles.com!!

When: Wednesday April 18, 2012

Ralph Lauren polo: Present from my boyfriend (Luv ya!)
Skirt: Birthday present from my parents
Nine West belt: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)
Shoes: Birthday present from my friends
Black clutch: Asos.com
Glasses: Madison (Panama)
Faux pearl ring: Forever21.com

Get the look:
Pair a striped top with a patterned skirt and geek chic glasses. Finish off with a black belt, black pumps, and a black purse. Now go get that A+!

Work + Second photography class (I'm really liking it!)

I think this must be the preppiest outfit I have ever made! I mean, plaid, stripes, and geek chic glasses? Very preppy indeed. But I love it though!
April 18 (7)

I felt like I should be sitting in a classroom today, listening to a boring speech and yet getting A+ on all of my tests. Instead, I went to work aaalll dayyyy... But hey, it sure beats listening to boring class lectures right?! haha

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
04 April 18

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