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March 17 (1)
March 17 (2)
March 17 (3)
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March 17 (9)

When: Saturday March 17, 2012

Dress: From Unique-Vintage.com (Also available on Modcloth.com)
Cardi: ? (Panama)
Shoes: El Titan (Panama)
Clutch: Asos.com
Necklace and earrings: El Titan (Panama)

Get the look:
Start off with this beautiful landscape dress, with a vibrant green cardigan, a lime green necklace, and beige wedges.

Work half a day + Shopping with my mom and sister + Dinner with my family

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! Did you all have a cheery and lucky day today? You know, my great grandfather was Irish, so technically that makes me a wee bit Irish too right?!
March 17 (7)

And if I'm Irish, that means that all of my monkeys are Irish by default... haha
March 17 (8)

We actually celebrated St. Patrick's Day last night with a lovely Irish tea time. All the plates, drinks, and lots of the foods were green. We even had green ice cream for dessert! Very fun indeed.
March 17 (10)
March 17 (11)

Sammy, my sister's dog, didn't want to be pinched, so he also sported something green: (Isn't he cute?!)
March 17 (12)

I always feel extra lucky on St. Patrick's day. No, not because I am a wee bit Irish, but because I am in real life a very lucky person! I just have to take one look at my loving family, my trusty friends, and my amazing boyfriend, to know that I am the luckiest person in the world.
March 17 (13)

How was your St. Patrick's day? Did you wear green?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
03 March 17

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