I miss my kitties :(

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When: Monday March 5, 2012

White Forever21 top: Saks (Panama)
Skirt: Present from my parents
Jacket: Pimkie (Europe)
Shoes: Zara (Panama)
Clutch: Christmas present from my parents
Snake ring: ebay.com
Turquoise ring: Present from my boyfriend's family (from Fire & Ice in U.S.A.)
Gold and turquoise long ring: Topshop.com
Blue bracelets: Bought in Italy on a trip a couple of years ago
Heart silver bracelet: Present from my grandmother

Get the look:
Pair a chic patterned skirt like this one with a white top and a black motorcycle jacket. Finish off with fierce heels and several rings!

Work + Relaxed at home

Today was the first day I went to work without my brother Daniel's little kitties to play with. Since we found those kittens so young, my brother would bring them to work everyday. It was soooo much fun to play with them!
March 05 (7)
But now that they are a bit bigger, it isn't necessary to bring them in to work anymore. I feel kind of sad that I don't get to see them. They really made the work environment so much more enjoyable!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this jacket:

03 March 05

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  1. Awwww, ... Work must have been quiet! Hopefully still somewhat enjoyable, though, right? Love all the rings ... 

  2. Allow me to say for the 100th time.  You look amazing! Love those shoes and the skirt is killer.


  3. Oh, those shoes are to die for!! And your nails - so hot! 


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