Closer friends than ever

Feb 29 (1)
Feb 29 (2)
Feb 29 (3)
Feb 29 (4)
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Feb 29 (7)

When: Wednesday February 29, 2012

Green top: ? (Panama)
Floral skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Pink belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige pumps: Via Vai (Panama)
Clutch: You can find it for only £16.00!
Goat ring:

Get the look:
Pair this cute floral skirt (that is only $14.80!) with this green top and this bright pink belt. Voila!

Work + Movies with my family to watch Hugo + Shopping with my sister

As most of you probably know by now, I have an adorable black and white cat called Maxi that likes to make casual appearances in my photos. He isn't the friendliest of cats to be honest, but he is a lot friendlier with me than with anyone else. For that reason, I have grown very attached to him and I always say he is my kitty (rather than everyone's kitty).
Feb 29 (8)Feb 29 (9)

Anyway, Maxi has been sooooooooo much friendlier lately for some reason. And when I mean friendlier, I mean much friendlier. He follows me all around the house, waits outside my bedroom door for me, and always goes to the backyard with me to play. In fact, he is lying right next to me as I write this post! This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me these acts of affection are really special. I feel so loved!! :)
Feb 29 (10)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt (a total of 11 times!!):
02 Feb 29 (3)
02 Feb 29 (2)
02 Feb 29 (1)

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  1. totally in love with the ring and nail polish babe :D

  2. Looking pretty as always! I love your clutch and your shoes! I've been searching for the perfect pair of nude heels :)
    Your kitty is so cute :)

  3. so in love with ur skirt and bag!! 
    also thanks for stopping by!! :-)

  4. Cute outfit! Your cat is so adorable. :)

  5. I really love this skirt on you, so cute. Also your kitty cat has gorgeous eyes, he's such a cutie. I always feel special when my kitty obviously prefers me to other people too ;)

  6. I really like the print on that skirt...  
    have you considered cost per wear on that item ?

  7. - Love those shoes, amazing!!!
    - Love the price of this skirt, unbeliviable

    - My cat looks like yours, a lot...And before, he used to be very nothing social, scared, shy... But now, since few months ago, he became over friendly... A complete change...
    Cats and their mood swings... impossible to understand, impossible not to love. 

  8. Ps: I want the last picture, with the white shirt and blue belt, please... 

    - I am always troubling you asking for pictures, aren't I?  So sorry!


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