Silly kitty on the roof

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Dec 13 (2)
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When: Tuesday December 13, 2011

White collar shirt top: Present from my parents (Europe)
Navy tee: ? (Panama)
Skirt: Present from my parents (Europe)
Black belt: ? (Panama)
Black sequin heels: Zara (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)

Work + Spent most of my night reading a book

As I took my daily outfit pictures today, I could hear an adorable kitty meow crying for help. As I looked around, I finally realized that it was my kitty Maxi stuck on the roof (again). Yes, I wrote again because he gets stuck on the roof all.the.time.! He knows perfectly well how to come down from there, but he loves to plea for help and have one of us bring him down instead.
Dec 13 (8)

Maxi makes me so so happy! Not only does he accompany me in most of my picture taking, but he does adorable things like getting stuck on the roof. He looked soooo cute looking down at me and meowing!
Dec 13 (9)

Oh, and don't worry, I made sure he came down safely :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
12 Dec 13

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  1. Ow, you are amazing, as always.... but i have to say this time I only can pay atentition to the CUTE, perfect, cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He looks like my cat, really! Sooooo perfect!

  2. every outfit detail screams wonderful! blue colors, belt, shoes, bracelets, earrings, nails, & cute kitty.  i would so wear that skirt, & the blouse...

  3. I absolutely love those earrings!! Those shoes are so fun!!

  4. Too funny - I sat down and planned tomorrow's outfit, and then read this post, only to discover I'm planning on wearing much the same thing!

  5. Your cat is quite adorable! Nice outfit too! Love the skirt! :)

  6. Maxi is so adorable! Look at those eyes :)  Love this outfit.  This is a great way to utilize the T-shirts in your closet.  Usually mine end up going under if I am layering, so I love that you layered it over your collared top!  Heather

  7. Awww your little kitten is just precious!! And you look gorgeous, Marie! I love the pop of color from your coral polish!

  8. I don't let my kitties out of the house because I am totally afraid they will climb on our roof and stay there. hahaha. Maxi is sooo adorable! and your skirt is too, Marie. You are soooo gorgeous!

  9. My kitty used to do the same thing, except in our giant oak trees. She COULD get down herself. But what she wanted was for you to come get her.
    Your kitty is adorable!

  10. hmmm... the tshirt doesn't even seem like a tshirt! I'm going to have to steal this idea. :) Your cat IS adorable.

  11.  i am drooling over your sequinned heels..u look great.

  12. I think this might be one of my favorite outfits yet.  You look incredible!  I love the shoes.  I love the skirt.  I love the kitty. (Although you aren't actually wearing the cat.) Everything is pure perfection. @GlamKitten88 

  13. Marie, your skirt is simply beautiful! I love those leaf earrings and your sequined heels. SO BEAUTIFUL! Your cat is so funny. Glad you got him down (again). HAHA

  14. What a fun look! Love those pumps! And the kitty is cute. :)

  15. Aww, both you and the kitten look adorable! Anyway, maybe the cat likes the roof - maybe he found something interesting up there. Have you tried checking it out?


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