Go green!

Dec 14 (1)
Dec 14 (2)
Dec 14 (3)
Dec 14 (5)
Dec 14 (6)
Dec 14 (7)

When: Wednesday December 14, 2011

Green Polo: Ralph Lauren store
Green maxi skirt: Zara (Panama)
Beige pumps: eBay.com

Work + Re-decorated our Christmas tree (our youngest kitty destroyed most of it)

Today I felt like wearing green... so you know what? I went all out with a head to toe green outfit! As if all the green wasn't enough, I decided to add bold purple earrings and eyeshadow. I felt so bright and happy!
Dec 14 (8)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this green polo:
12 Dec 14

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  1. You look gorgeous in every colour of the rainbow, Marie! Love this green, and your hair looks beautiful!
    ♥  Maria

  2. So, I found you because I was looking for other bloggers who have reviewed eShakti clothing before (I read your review, thank you) and now I just needed to tell you that you look stunning in green.

  3. This is such a pretty green and we love how you paired it with purple :)

  4.  I love this skirt on you! The color is really great.

  5. I like how you pulled the purple from the logo in your eyeshadow and fun earrings! I'm envious of how you can wear colored eyeshadow so well-- I feel whenever I try to, I end up looking silly.

  6. purple, green, and cream look good together,Marie! if I pulled an all-green out, I wouldn't look half as good as you!

  7. Way to make the middle of December feel as bright and sunny as the middle of March :)  Green looks GREAT on you!


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