Missing the Movies

Oct 17 (1)
Oct 17 (2)
Oct 17 (3)
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Oct 17 (6)
When: Monday October 17, 2011

Brown top: H&M (U.S.A.)
Floral skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Beige Mary Jane heels: Via Vai (Panama)
Beige clutch: Present from my boyfriend's family (From this designer)
N2 Earrings: From this site

Work + Movies with my boyfriend.

Can you believe that I haven't gone to see a movie at a movie theater in like 2 months?! That might not sound like much to you, but for me it's a world wide record! One of the main weekly activities for most Panamanians is to go to the movies (It's MUCH cheaper here than in the U.S.).
Oct 17 (7)
Since it's been soooooo long since I've gone to see a movie at a movie theater, I was so excited when my boyfriend called me up and invited me. The movie we saw wasn't great, but I still really enjoyed watching it.

Do you go to the movies often? How often?

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Here are all the ways in which I've worn this brown top:
10 Oct 17

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