"I'll wear this all the time"

Oct 18 (1)
Oct 18 (2)
Oct 18 (3)
Oct 18 (4)
Oct 18 (5)

When: Tuesday October 18, 2011

Blue dress: Target (U.S.A.)
Cardigan: Target (U.S.A.)
Black belt: Madison (Panama)
Silver glitter heels: BBB (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)

Work + Rested at home watching the TV Series Lost

Has it every happened to you that you bought something swearing that you would wear it all the time and you actually rarely wear it? This cardigan is one of those cases. I really like this cardigan, the colors, the shape, the pattern... everything is great. But for some reason or another, I never get around to wearing it.
Oct 18 (6)
I remember when I first saw it, I had a cazillion of outfit ideas on what to pare with this outfit. But now I find it difficult to wear. How weird is that right? I guess we all tell ourselves that we will "wear it all the time" as an excuse to buying things we want to buy... or maybe that's just me ;)

Does this ever happen to you?

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Here are all the ways in which I've worn this cardigan (only three times in the last year):
10 Oct 18

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  1. I totally understand what you're saying. But now I try to be extra extra picky with what I buy so I don't accumulate a ton of things I won't wear!

    P.S. You seriously have the BEST shoe collection.


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