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Sept 04 (6)
This is the fourth day of my I Heart Shoes challenge! Today I wore these green wedges to contrast the bright blue of the dress.

Sunday September 4, 2011

Turquoise maxi dress: Zara (Panama)
Seashell belt: ? (Panama)
Green wedges: Payless Shoe Source (Panama)
Bangles: ? (Panama)

Drove from the beach back to the city

Today was yet another wonderful day at the beach. We had a delicious buffet breakfast (just like yesterday) and drove around the area again. I also watched my boyfriend play tennis while I read fashion magazines.
Sept 04 (7)
Later in the afternoon, we had lunch in a DELISH gourmet restaurant. The food was very tropical and delicious... simply a wonderful day!

Here are some of the ways in which I've worn green and blue together:
09 Sept 04

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