A sweet 15 under the sea

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Today I'm wearing a second pair of shoes for the I Heart Shoes challenge! This is the 10th pair I wear, so there are only 20 left to go!

When: Friday September 9, 2011

Dress: Impacto (Panama)
Navy heels: BMB (Panama)
Clutch: Borrowed from my mom
Necklace: Graduation present from my grandmother
Ring: 15años present from my parents.

Sweet 15 party with my friends

Today one of my best friend's sister celebrated her 15th birthday. Similar to a sweet 16 party, Latin American countries like to celebrate a girls 15th birthday with a great big party. I haven't gone to any sweet 15 parties since I was 15 myself. The theme of the party was Under the Sea, so the invitation was blue with pretty seashells and bubbles.
Sept 09 (15)
(For all you new readers, I present to you Munky. Munky is my most favorite stuffed animal ever. My boyfriend gave it to me! My boyfriend and I call each other monkeys, so Munky has a very special place in my heart)

The party was a blast! The whole place was decorated with balloons, bubbles, fishes, octopuses, etc. And the birthday girl look SPEC-TA-CULAR. Her dress was bright turquoise with a shiny top and beautiful draping on the bottom. OMG, she looked like Cinderella.
Sept 09 (16)

I also really liked the cake of the party! And there was a table FULL of candies and sweets... let's just say I hung out close to this table all night...
Sept 09 (17)
Sept 09 (18)

In the end, the party was a blast. Most of the guests were 15, so I just hung out with my friends all night instead. We danced, we laughed, and we had fun :)
Sept 09 (19)

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