Car in the middle of the mall!

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Today is the 27th day of my I Heart Shoes challenge! Today I'm wearing these blue Christian Siriano for Payless heels. When I first bought them, I thought I wouldn't get much use out of them; but I actually wear them all the time!

When: Thursday September 29, 2011

White collar shirt: ? (Panama)
Skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Black Nine West belt: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)
Beige trench: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)
Blue heels: Christian Siriano for Payless

Work + Shopping for a friend's birthday present + Dinner date with my boyfriend.

As I have mentioned a couple of times on my blog, my boyfriend really loves cars. Well, he particularly LOVES Porsche cars; and as I mentioned in this post, his family owns 5 Porches! Well, guess what? My boyfriend was asked to exhibit his classic Porsche in the middle of the most popular mall in Panama! Cool right?!
Sept 29 (7)
The mall has a car exhibit right now showing just a couple of classic historic cars; and my boyfriend was chosen to be one of the two cars representing classic Porsche's. He was so excited (And so was I of course!). So today we spent some time just hanging out in the mall, watching the random people wonder over my boyfriend's car :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
09 Sept 29

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