Lunch with a view

Aug 21 (1)
Aug 21 (2)
Aug 21 (3)
Aug 21 (4)
Aug 21 (5)
Aug 21 (6)
Aug 21 (7)

When: Sunday August 21, 2011

White dress: Saks (Panama)
Red cardi: Used to be my sister's
Floral wedges: El Titan (Panama)
Beige purse: Borrowed from my mom
Necklace: Forever XXI (U.S.A.)

Had lunch in the Cosway with my boyfriend and his family.

Today I had a very nice lunch with my boyfriend and his family at the Cosway. The view from where we ate was beautiful:
Aug 21 (8)
Aug 21 (9)
It was a bright and sunny day today, perfect to drive around with your windows down while eating some Snow Biz.

Did you all have a wonderful weekend?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this red cardi:
08 Aug 21

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