A late anniversary celebration

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When: Saturday August 27, 2011

Black top: Used to be my sister's
Black Jones New York skirt: Felix B. Maduro (Panama)
Black sequin pumps: Zara (Panama)
Black & White clutch: Forever XXI (U.S.A.)
Necklace: Forever21.com

Work for half a day + Went out to dinner to celebrate my 3 and a half year anniversary of being together with my boyfriend.

Today my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our 3 and a half years together by going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. The food was delicious and the conversation was sweet :) Our real 3.5 year anniversary was almost a month ago (July 31st); but I was too sick to go out back then... it's never too late to celebrate love right!?!
Aug 27 (6)
I couldn't leave Munky** out of the party! An anniversary celebration between my boyfriend and I wouldn't be the same without some sort of monkey involvement... hehe.

**Munky is a monkey doll my boyfriend gave me a couple of years ago and that is VERY special to me. My boyfriend and I call each other monkeys for no particular reason; so anything that has monkeys on it is sort of "our thing"... hehe :)
Aug 27 (7)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
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  1. Fabulous outfit!! love the necklace :-)


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