Getting the flu :(

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Aug 01 (3)

When: Monday August 01, 2011

Floral dress: Madison (Panama)
Grey jacket: H&M
Blue pumps: Christian Siriano for Payless
Navy Tommy Hilfiger purse: TJ Maxx

Work + Rested at home (I even took a nap which I never do!... it was kind of nice to be honest :)

Today I realized that I'm starting to get the flu... boo hoo! It shouldn't come as such a surprise though since my boyfriend has had the flu for a couple of weeks now. Luckily I still don't feel too bad yet, just a bad cough and a little dizziness. I'm taking a lot of medicine, so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!
Aug 01 (4)
You know, I find this gray jacket to be really hard to wear! I have had it for a couple of months now and this is the first time I wear it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to pair it with?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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