Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes

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When: Saturday August 20, 2011

Striped tee: Madison (Panama)
Jeans: Borrowed from my mom
Lace trench: Forever XXI (U.S.A.)
Black pumps: La Onda (Panama)
Black & White clutch: Forever XXI (U.S.A.)
Bunny ring: eBay.com

Work half a day + Went to a Porsche event with my boyfriend + Went shopping with my mom in the afternoon + Watched Disney on Ice with my sister.

Today was a day filled with activities! I went to a Porsche event which was fun, I went shopping with my mom which was even funner, and then I went to see Disney on Ice with my sister (Fun, fun, fun!).
Aug 20 (6)

I know, I know, it's kind of childish to watch Disney on Ice... but honestly? I'm like a little girl when it comes to Disney. I love Disney World, I love the movies, I love the magic, I love it all! My sister and I had such a wonderful time.
Aug 20 (7)

When I finally got home after a long and fun day, all I wanted to do was relax and play with one of my kitties. It's so relaxing to pet a kitty and take a nap... love it!
Aug 20 (8)
Aug 20 (9)

Do you like Disney? What are your favorite Disney movies?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this lace trench:
08 Aug 20

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  1. We could totally be best friends. I love any and all things Disney! My friends and I went to see Disney princesses on ice a few months ago and all wore our tiaras. Disney is just fantastic. :)


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