Our new kitty: Little Tigger!

July 25 (1)
July 25 (5)
July 25 (3)
July 25 (4)
July 25 (2)

When: Tuesday July 25, 2011

Gold dress: Target
Striped cardi: Forever XXI
Navy belt: Madison (Panama)
Gold heels: ? (Panama)
Red Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx
Teardrop necklace and earrings: From this seller on eBay

Work + Organized some last minute things for my boyfriend's birthday which is tomorrow!

I want you all to meet a new member of our family: Little Tigger! Tigger is an adorable little kitty that we found crying of hunger in the storage area of our company. My brother and I felt so sorry for the little kitty that we decided to adopt it.
July 25 (6)
After cleaning him up and giving him all the appropriate injections, Tigger is a happy kitty living in our home. He is full of energy and likes playing with all sorts of items around the house. We are all having such a wonderful time playing with him. Plus, we all feel so good that we could give this nice kitty a family and a home.

Have you ever adopted an animal from the streets?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this striped cardi:
07 July 25

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