DIY: Origami Duck

07 July 27 - Origami Duck (1)

For my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to make a cute birthday ducky made out of paper!! I saw this craft online a couple of weeks ago on this site, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to make it.

To make this adorable ducky, all you need to do is print two origami pages from this site. The site is in Japanese (I think, it might be a different language), so I don't understand anything that it says. But basically you print, cut, and glue things together. I sorda improvised and managed to make a decent job.
07 July 27 - Origami Duck (2)

I can't believe this ducky is made out of paper... so cute!

Let me know if any of you try this cute craft out! I plan on making the other origami models from this site on some other occasion :)

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