Black collar shirt

May 24 (1)
May 24 (2)
May 24 (3)
May 24 (4)
May 24 (5)
May 24 (6)

When: Tuesday May 24, 2011

Black collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Belt: El Costo (Panama)
Gray pumps: Payless Shoe Source
Striped purse: Zumiez
Ring: Present from one of my best friends

Work + Shopped for office furniture + Had a girls night with my sister (It was super fun!)

Today I realized that I really misjudged this black collar shirt. I have worn its white twin collar shirt more times than I can count, but this is the very first time I wear the black one. I don't know why, but I always feel that the white collar shirt is so fresh and bright; whereas I thought the black collar shirt was sorda dull.... I was very wrong!
May 24 (7)
Now that I wore this shirt today, I feel that it is striking, bold, and sorda mysterious. Black is not a bad color at all! (This is a revelation for me because I really don't wear that much black). From now on, I'm sure I will be using this collar shirt more often :)

Do you ever misjudge items of clothing and when you put them on you realize they are actually awesome?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this white skirt:
05 May 24

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  1. This is so funny- before my weight loss I didn't wear much black and than after- I have worn a lot of I don't know why, but you would think it would be the other way around. I love black- maybe because it is classy and can be worn with anything!
    Lovely outfit btw :)

  2. I admire your blog, Marie! I wish I had that much time set aside for blogging and your style is so unique, I haven't ever seen anything like it before (in a good way) and you really stand out.
    Love Maria xoxo,

  3. Sometimes a little black goes a long way. Love your photos because they are so vibrant.

  4. I found your blog again! I got out of reading blogs for awhile and found you again. You always dress beautiful. That skirt and earrings are great!

  5. I love your outfit, it's so chic. Great black shirt too.


  6. Yes! That definitely happens to me. Just the other day we were going through my closet, and I tried on a blouse which I though was sorta blah, and when I took another look at it on me, I realized that I loved how it looked!

  7. You look so chic in this outfit, it's crazy... I love it!


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