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When: Saturday April 02, 2011

Floral dress: Christmas present from my parents
Black bolero: Zara
Black pumps: El Costo (Panama)
Turquoise purse: Present from my parents
Necklace: Present from my boyfriend

Work + Shopping with my mom + Mass & Dinner with my family

Although the overall work code where I work is business casual, we are allowed to dress even more casual on Fridays and Saturdays. You would think that dressing casual would be easier than dressing professional... but you know what? I have the hardest time!
April 02 (6)
I always start off with a casual item but I always dress it up for some reason. Today, for example, I wanted to wear this cute maxi dress, but I ended up wearing pearls and heels! So much for casual right? Well whatever, I still felt great in this outfit :)

Is it easier for you to wear professional outfits or casual outfits?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral dress:
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  1. Hahah, sometimes I completely overdress casual as well - but it's always better to be overdessed than underdressed!
    I so love your bright turquoise accessories!

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  2. Oh I know what you mean...I'm a dressy person too. =D

  3. The maxi dress looks great on you! I wish I was tall enough for them haha. Ahh I have the hardest time dressing for work too! It's business casual Mon-Thurs at my job as well, but I've noticed a lot of girls and women there dress so casually that I always end up being overdressed compared to everyone else.

  4. I love this dress and your necklace!

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  5. Adorable dress!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love your dress!


  7. I like the outfit that you ended up with! I don't have a problem dressing casually in general but, when it comes to work I always want to give off a certain level of professionalism that might not be achievable in a more casual ensemble. Thank goodness there's not rules against dressing it up!

  8. I love this dress; the colors are great. I just love orange and aqua together. I have major issues dressing casually. It's okay once in awhile but I would hate to have a job where it was casual all the time! I dress up way more than I have to for work because I like it!

  9. It is always easier for me to dress casually for some reason. I never really had a job where I had to dress conservatively so maybe that is why. Cute maxi skirt. Goes well with the blazer and purse! :)

  10. I love this with the black accessories and sleek hair - it is really elegant. I have trouble with the "middle ground" looking relatively nice for everyday mommy life. I feel like I can get dressed up fairly well (not as effortlessly as you!) and I can do jeans and Tshirts, but having a flair with casual dressing is really difficult for me. Hence the blog ...

  11. jejeje.. that goes to show how elegant of a person you are! You look so pretty in this outfit so thats all that matters.

  12. It's much more difficult for me to dress casually! I'm never quite sure how to approach jeans on Thursdays in my office.

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  13. such a cute look, in love with that necklace!


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