Patterned tights for Work

April 11 (1)
April 11 (2)
April 11 (3)
April 11 (4)
April 11 (5)

When: Monday April 11, 2011

Black shirtdress: ? (Panama)
Black patterned tights: Marshall's
Black Nine West belt: TJ Maxx
Black & White Xoxo purse: TJ Maxx
Red floral brooch: Madison (Panama)

Work + Watched Saw 5 with my boyfriend (He loves them!... I admit, I closed my eyes most of the movie... hehe)

Today I decided to do something really bold: Wear patterned tights to work! Although this may seem normal for some people, it is VERY rare in Panama. NOBODY in this country wears tights in general, much less patterned ones!
April 11 (6)
Although I usually don't care about what other people think of me, I admit I was a little bit nervous arriving to work today. I just kept telling myself that I really like this outfit, so why should I care what other people think? By mid-day, I felt very confident in my outfit! Truth be told, I think the tights look super chic... so if everyone else thinks I'm crazy, well that's too bad!

Do you wear patterned tights to work?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this shirtdress:
04 April 11

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  1. I love wearing all kinds of crazy colored and patterned tights! And you're right, who cares what others think if you're rocking a cute outfit!

  2. You look utterly amazing, so chic and confident and gorgeous!!!

    I'm not allowed to wear patterned tights to work (erm...I have before but since they're cracking down on the dress code, I'm not risking it again) so now I stick with just on weekends.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I think it's fine, especially in a dark color it is very unobtrusive. Well, maybe that's not the word, but would work in alot more environments. Is it really cool enough there to wear tights?

  4. Very 50's retro chic going on there! ;)

    Nice dress, the tights match it perfectly! :)

  5. I love the tights! They add a little something extra to the outfit.

  6. So cute! You look very put-together and I think the tights were a nice touch.

  7. I love that shirt dress. Ive been searching for a nice shirtdress but so far the only one i can find that i like they dont ship to New Zealand! I also love how you incorporate it with dresses.

  8. I loved seeing you in this outfit! I agree, who cares what anyone else thinks. I think this looked super cool. Besides, offices are really cold with the air condition on full, so it makes sense to wear tights don't you think?


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