Boots in Panama

April 22 (1)
April 22 (2)
April 22 (3)
April 22 (4)
April 22 (5)
April 22 (6)

When: Friday April 22, 2011

White t-shirt: Target
Floral skirt: Saks (Panama)
Brown belt: Forever XXI
Red boots: Present from my boyfriend

Where: Drove up to my family's house in the mountain countryside.

To celebrate Holy Week, my family and I decided to spend the night at our countryside house in a Panamanian mountain area. I really love spending time up here, the weather is sooooo wonderful!! It's breezy and cool and at night it's cold enough to sleep with socks and thick covers. In Panama, that is VERY rare (Panama City is hot and humid 100% of the year), so I really enjoy it!
April 22 (7)
Another great advantage of this wonderful weather is that I can wear some of my winter pieces (Yippie!). Today, for example, I wore my cute red boots! I'm so happy to wear these again... they are so bright and happy... ok, the boots maybe aren't happy because that's not possible; but they sure make me happy!

Do you have a place/house you like to visit in the countryside to relax from the busy city?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
04 April 22 (1)
04 April 22 (2)

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  1. We live 2 hours from the Oregon coast so we love going there when we get the chance. Nice and relaxing!
    Cute outfit- perfect for the country. :)


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