Special Treats: Vanilla cupcakes with a Surprise inside!

03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (1)
Do you all remember how much I wanted to bake the other day? Well, I finally got around to baking something!

I really wanted to try a new recipe, so I decided to make Nutella & Vanilla cupcakes with Nutella buttercream. Basically, it's a vanilla cupcake with some gooey, delicious Nutella in the center. Let me tell you, these cupcakes are AMAZING! Everyone looooved them! The recipe is from a blog called
Bake It in a Cake and you can find this specific recipe here.

This was the first time EVER that I make cupcakes from scratch (rather than from a box). It's also the very first time I bake something inside of a cupcake! It was all very exciting :)
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (2)

Baking a cupcake with something in the center turned out to be really easy. First I made the vanilla batter. Then I put a little bit of batter into the cupcake papers:
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (3)

Then I added a simple chocolate cookie:
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (4)

Next I added a spoon of Nutella (I used a different brand, but it tastes just as good):
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (5)
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (6)

And then you just cover it all up with more vanilla cupcake batter:
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (7)

Then, all that's left to do is bake them babies and frost them up. I found that the Nutella buttercream frosting of the original recipe was delicious, but very very VERY sweet. So I decided to put just a small coat of frosting on my cupcakes so that they wouldn't be too sweet.
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (8)
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (9)

Easy huh? And they turn out DELICIOUS! The Vanilla cake was so moist, soft, and tasty and the gooey chocolate center was just a delightful surprise!
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (10)

I will definitely make these cupcakes again! Overall, I would say it's a 9 out of 10! Simply delicious!

Now if you will excuse me... I have some eating to do ;)
03 March 04 - Baking Cupcakes (11)

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  1. Cupcakes are seriously my favorite. And nutella? Yummy. I can't WAIT to make these! They sound amazing!

  2. My husband recently became obsessed with Nutella - I am not a baker but I may have to try these! They look and sound AMAZING!

  3. Thse look so good, its actually bad because I want to make them!

  4. These look amazing! My husband would just die for Nutella IN a cupcake! Delicious!

  5. Those look so yummy! Thanks for the recipe! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here
    Okay, son2 loves Nutella, so he will love you forever for this recipe!
    Can't wait to try it

  7. Like... WOW! This post made me hungry! Those look absolutely scrumptidelicious! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -


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