Purse with a tail

Feb 09 (1)
Feb 09 (2)
Feb 09 (3)
Feb 09 (4)
Feb 09 (5)
Feb 09 (6)
Feb 09 (8)

When: Wednesday February 09, 2011

White dress: Saks (Panama)
Mustard cardi: Target
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Brown wedges: Payless Shoe Source
Floral purse: Forever XXI

Where: Went to the movies with my boyfriend and his family to watch 127 hours.

One of the fun parts of taking daily outfit pictures is that many times my cats decide to pose along with me.
Feb 09 (9)

I knew my kitty was coming out in today's pictures, but I didn't know how funny it would turn out! When I looked at the photos in my computer, I realized that my kitty stood in the precise perfect location that made only it's tail visible. So now it looks like my purse has a tail coming out of it!! hahahaha That really made me laugh!
Feb 09 (10)
Feb 09 (11)

Do any of your pets (if you have any) make appearances on your outfit pictures?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral purse:
02 Feb 09 (2)
02 Feb 09 (1)

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  1. The colors of the floral purse are great!

    My cat makes occasional appearances but, for the most part he stays out of it...

  2. Great colours .. soooo funny that your cat got into those positions!

    I don't have any pets but my "cuddly friends" that live on the sofa do seem to sneak there way into my pics .. i'm sure they move on there own hahaha

    Sal xXx

  3. cute cute look! white and mustard look so great together!


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