Missing my winter pieces

Feb 02 (1)
Feb 02 (2)
Feb 02 (3)
Feb 02 (4)
Feb 02 (5)
Feb 02 (7)
Feb 02 (8)
Feb 02 (9)

When: Wednesday February 02, 2011

Floral dress: From this seller on eBay
Light Pink cardi: El Costo (Panama)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Red wedges: ? (Panama)
Red Xoxo purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: Baked some banana bread with my boyfriend's mother and went to the movies to watch Love & other Drugs.

One of the unfortunate things about living in Panama is that it is always very, very, VERY hot and humid. So I basically had to get all my winter clothes from living in the U.S. and store them for whenever I go on a trip or something like that... there are some winter pieces that I'm really going to miss!
Feb 02 (10)
So what I have tried to do is keep some of my lighter winter items in my closet in case I go somewhere that is somewhat cold. Today, for example, I wore this light pink cardi because I knew it would be cold in the movie theater. I don't get to wear my winter pieces often, but at least I manage to wear them soooometimes.

If you could choose, would you prefer living somewhere that has the four seasons or would you rather live somewhere that has constant weather year round?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral dress:
02 Feb 02

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  1. Cute dress! Love the print. It would be so nice to live somewhere warm all year...but not too warm. 70 degree weather all year would be perfect. :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous I love the colors!

    I like seasons but, this winter has been brutal...

  3. I know how you feel. Its sorta sad to say goodbye to a whole part of your life personified in saying goodbye to a whole part of your closet. The important thing is to make room for new things by taking out the old =P

    Glad you got to wear your pink cardi though.. its so cute.

  4. I'm laughing, I have to do that here in the summer, wear a sweater when going somewhere indoors. I love having four seasons, but am forgetting that winter = sickness. It's lovely to have relief from the relentless hot months here, but...!!! I loved South Carolina the 7 years I lived there, 4 seasons, but moderate winters and summers. And the mountains nearby to escape the heat.


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