For all my loved ones on Valentine's Day

Feb 14 (31)
This Valentine's day, I decided to surprise all of my loved ones with a little gift. I just wanted to give them something to remind them of how important and special they are to me. So, here are my Valentine's day surprises:

For each of my family members, I left a cute little gift basket next to their bed so that they could have a surprise as soon as they woke up.
Feb 14 (11)

Inside these little bags, I included their favorite chocolate or treat as well as a personalized keychain I made. I used some rotating keychains I bought at a party store and added my own pictures to them. They turned out so cute! Here are the two ones I made for myself:
Feb 14 (12)

I also decided to bake and decorate some cute Valentine cupcakes!!
Feb 14 (13)
Feb 14 (14)

I decided to give a small heart shaped box with cupcakes in it to each of my two best friends. They turned out SOOO cute if I do say so myself.
Feb 14 (15)
Feb 14 (16)

I also put the cupcakes into two bigger heart shaped boxes and gave them to my boyfriend's mother. She really loved them!
Feb 14 (17)
Feb 14 (18)
Feb 14 (19)

I was SOOO pleased at how these Valentine cupcakes turned out. I used candy and colored sugar to decorate the cupcakes, so they were really easy to make. Since these turned out so much cuter than I expected, I was hopping and cheerful all day!
Feb 14 (20)

Did you make any Valentine surprises or treats?

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  1. You're so much more creative than I am...I made break-and-bake cookies with my daughter, but that's really all we had time to do!

    These are wonderful, you did a great job and I'm sure everyone was very appreciative!

  2. you really live life to the fullest and share your enthusiasm with everyone that surrounds you. What a wide display of fun goodies. jgm


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