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When: Wednesday September 8, 2010

Floral dress: Conway (Panama)
Purple cardi: Forever XXI
Beige pumps: eBay
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: TJ Max
Blue Murano Crystal necklace: Present from my boyfriend

Where: Went to a university event that had looooooots of delicious free food... yummy :)

Today something absolutely wonderful happened! The thing is that my boyfriend forgot a set of expensive speakers at the hotel we stayed at in Ocean City last weekend and he has been so sad about it these days. I really wanted to help him, but how?
Sept 08 (9)
So I decided to call the hotel every single day since then insisting for them to ppplleeeassee look for the speakers. Each day I called, there was always some sort of excuse like the manager wasn't there or the cleaning lady wasn't in that day. Today I finally received a phone call, and guess what? They found it!!! Yaaaiii!!! My boyfriend's face of joy was absolutely priceless... I'm so happy when these things have happy endings :)

Have you ever forgotten something at a hotel and actually got it back?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral dress:
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  1. I don't think I've ever left anything in a hotel, but once when my brother was very little, he left his most favourite stuffed toy bunny on an airplane!

    We were all so sad because we were sure it was gone forever, but we told the airline what happened, and Peter bunny showed up on our doorstep a week or so later! They mailed him all the way from Montreal, so he had been on quite an adventure!

    It was a very happy reunion, and incredibly nice of the airline staff to take the time to package up a worn-out, scruffy bunny to make a little boy's day!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Aww, so glad you were able to track them down! I've never had that happened to me before, so it's cool you were able to get them to find them for you.

    You look awesome in your dress! I love your necklace too.

  3. That's awesome! I'm so glad he's going to get them back. I know that feeling of leaving something! I think I left my pillow at a hotel when I was younger, it had a very special pillowcase on it with a unicorn and my name. It was awful but I do think we got it back. Really, I can't remember. I have an awful memory.

    You look fantastic in this dress, I really like both ways that you've styled it. The necklace is so pretty!

  4. I left a cell phone charger at a hotel and the hotel mailed it to me immediately with no charge! It was great!

  5. You were sure lucky AND PERSISTENT by getting the speakers back. I never left anything in a hotel.
    That heart pendant is SO nice, very "Agatha Ruiz de la Prada"

  6. That pendant is so lovely and thoughtful of your boyfriend to give it to you. I'm so glad that you persisted in calling to get his speakers back. I have left lots of things in hotels and havent gotten them back. I am definitely not so persistent as you... wish I was.


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