Pattern Mixing Challenge: Girlie Pattern mixing

Aug 31 (1)
Aug 31 (2)
Aug 31 (3)
Aug 31 (4)
Aug 31 (5)
Aug 31 (6)
Aug 31 (7)

When: Tuesday August 31, 2010

Pink striped top: H&M
Floral Liz Claiborne skirt: BMB (Panama)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Olive Nine West purse: TJ Max
Brown pumps: ? (Panama)

Where: Started a new project at work, so I feel proud of myself today :)

So today is the second day of my Pattern Mixing Challenge and I think it's going very well so far! For today's outfit, I wanted to mix patterns in a way that was subtle but still interesting. So what I did was mix a very large print, like the florals on my skirt, with a smaller print, like the stripes on my top.
Aug 31 (8)
I really like how the patterns mix together! I also really like the overall feminine and "girlie" feel to this outfit.

When you mix patterns, do you try to go with one big pattern and one smaller one?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
08 Aug 31 (1)08 Aug 31 (4)
08 Aug 31 (3)08 Aug 31 (2)

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  1. I loooooove this. And yeah, either one large pattern and one small, or two that are the same size but relatively speaking small patterns. I'd never wear two loud patterns together. Someone else might be able to pull that off, but not me. :)

    You look great! I love the wide belt on you, too.

  2. I love this outfit!! The skirt is so pretty and it looks great with that top! Fantastic job mixing those patterns!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  3. Beautiful, this is one of my fave outfits ive seen you wear! (and i love most of them haha)

    Sal xXx


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