My Choice of Outfit of the week - I'm loving all the pattern mixing!

Outfit of the week - Delightfully Tacky
Since this week has been all about pattern mixing, I thought it would only be appropriate to choose an "Outfit of the week" that involved some sort of pattern mixing. And when it comes to pattern mixing, who better than Delightfully Tacky, the master of pattern mixing?! I just love how she mixes not two, but three patterns and still makes it look chic and effortless. I think part of the reason this outfit works so well is because all of the patterns are in the same color family, as I was explaining the other day.

Well congrats Delightfully Tacky on such a bold and chic outfit!

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  1. I really love this. Pattern mixing is definitely a bit tricky...but I love doing it! Her pattern mixing really looks elegant


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